Despite oppression, Black atheists fight to be heard

Atheists are the most hated minority in America. Former U.S. President George Bush once said, “I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.” Black atheists tend to experience this discrimination the most.


For love of the Easter egg and all that’s commercial

I am an atheist and I love Easter. I am single and I love Valentine’s Day. Christmas? Oh your god, do I love Christmas. When it comes to commercialized holidays—you name it, I love it.

Darwin illustration

Survival of the Evolution Lesson Plan

IN THIS ARTICLE The majority of biology teachers are reluctant to teach evolution, found two political scientists after studying U.S. public school biology instructors. Additionally, creationism is given at least an hour of class time and put in a positive light by 13 percent of the nation’s biology teachers.


Adobe pulls Flash from Android Google Play

Adobe sentenced Flash to mobile death row earlier this summer, announcing their plans to pull Flash from the Google Play store on Aug. 15. On Aug. 15, they pulled the plugin, making users unable to update or install Adobe Flash on their Android device.

Fordson High School

For religion and football, a new kind of fast

The intersection between hard-hitting American football and reverential fasting can be found during fall Friday nights on Ford Road in Dearborn, Michigan. The majority of football players at Fordson High School did not eat from dawn to dusk. Faith and patriotism, hunger and thirst, stood at football’s equivalent of the half court line for the … Continue reading


Chicago Evangelicals paint unconventional strokes

Hours before ballerinas danced beneath the spotlight at the Auditorium Theater Feb. 26 to give the final performance of the Joffrey Ballet’s “Winter Fire,” Pastor Bill Hybels’ dominated the stage.

Israel Apartheid Week DePaul

Israeli Apartheid Week ignites rhetoric discussion

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) hosted “Israeli Apartheid Week,” an annual series of events dedicated to labeling the State of Israel an apartheid state. The name of the event, which is held across college campuses around the world, caused controversy across DePaul’s campus. More than fifty university members signed an open letter which claimed … Continue reading


Mt. Soledad cross supporters make final cry for battle

A federal appeals court ruled Jan. 3 that a cross displayed on public property in San Diego, California, is unconstitutional. The Mt. Soledad memorial stood in a separation of church and state battlefield for decades and now only one battle remains. Two Vietnam War veterans filed suit against the city thirteen years ago, saying the cross, … Continue reading


New contraceptives mandate doesn’t change much for DePaul

The Catholic Church is scrutinizing the Obama administration’s new mandate requiring religious-based institutions to provide contraception for their employees, despite a new compromise announced Friday. The Obama administration’s mandate ignited a religious debate, with many Catholic institutions crying out that the new mandate was a breach of their religious freedom. With the mandate’s new changes, … Continue reading


Video game industry works to generate money, style

Cookie Monster, meet brutal legend Eddie Riggs. Brutal legend, Cookie Monster. Money’s tight, but for now, the worlds of heavy metal and Sesame Street will not collide because under Double Fine’s Roof, everyone can still be different. Tim Schafer is renowned for his creative video design. His video San Francisco-based company , Double Fine Productions, has a … Continue reading


Icons come and go, legacies last forever

“The hero ends so much more than it lasts a bore,”John Szwed, a professor of music and jazz studies at Columbia University while giving a lecture, “Miles Davis: The Jazz Musician as Dandy” at DePaul University on Oct. 17. He continued, “And nothing is more boring than a hero left over from an era that … Continue reading


In world of digital bustle, simplicity fights for rejuvination

The El screeched to a stop, the iPod clicked off and the cellphone switched to silent. The doors opened and Minimalism passed over. Simplistic new forms take shape with the old in “The Language of Less (Then and Now),” the new exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art. The MCA translates minimalism from the old … Continue reading

AMI logo

Chicago sports the ‘stache as most mustache-friendly city

For decades, thousands of men have pledged a belief they promise never to forget: Every time a mustache is shaved, an angel in heaven dies and falls to earth. In Chicago, the outlook is sunny with only a small chance of angel showers. A new two-year study by the American Mustache Institute (AMI) found Chicago to be … Continue reading


Willis Earl Beal, a treasure worth the hunt

Beal’s ideals align with hipsters and hippies, ironically ordinary and seemingly shallow in depth. But something about Beal is genuine and captivating; something that is causing journalists again and again to stumble upon his work and hunt him down.


‘There is no justice in this’

Victor Valencia said he was overwhelmed with tears of happiness, anger and sadness on Friday, Sept. 17 when gang member Narcisco Gatica was found guilty for the murder of his brother, DePaul honors student Francisco “Frankie” Valencia.

Art instructor Robert Lyon (Andrew Carter, foreground) begins his first lesson with a slide show of classical art but doesn’t get quite the reaction he’d hoped for from his students, miners Jimmy Floyd (Steven Pringle, from left), George Brown (William Dick), Oliver Kilbourn (Dan Waller), Harry Wilson (James Houton) and Young Lad (Jordan Brown) in TimeLine Theatre’s Chicago premiere of THE PITMEN PAINTERS by Lee Hall, inspired by a book by William Feaver, directed by BJ Jones. (Photo by Lara Goetsch)

Theatre blends past, present, and paint

In the lobby of the Timeline Theatre Company, there is a dark tunnel. Walk through it once, and you travel back in time. Walk through it to leave and discover an unanticipated blend of time. The lobby is transformed into an elaborate mineshaft—a time machine that sets the stage for the performance to come. After … Continue reading


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